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Silde Wall & Roof

Step by step procedure of developing side wall and roof of railway coach.

The Imagine Studio has the right blend of technical and visual expertise to convey even the most complicated information/process simply and understandably to the target audience.


Railway Coach Build

TIS team have developed this video in span of approx. 3 months. The fully automatic and manual operating machine used for the development of the Indian railway compartment.

We at, The Imagine Studio, focus on creating smartly crafted 3D architectural walkthroughs so that clients can use them and get the feeling of their proposed architectural model. Our creative team makes excellent use of modern technology and meets our client’s expectations.

Network issue in high rise building

Resnet solution from spacenet, helps to resolve this particular problem in high rise residential complexes, providing high-speed connectivity and coverage.

Let our company bring your vision to life. Our services of 3D walkthrough animation include Interior and Exterior virtual tours for residential and industrial properties.

Walkthroughs for industrial come together with roadways, bridges, and tunnels Aerial Flyovers for landscapes and parks development Product animations together with inventions, machines, fixtures, and furnishings.

Resnet Solution

Most common connectivity issues in high rise buildings and it's solution

Providing 3d Walkthrough Animation Tours Renderings For Residential, Commercial, & Industrial Developers Experienced skilled drafters offer superior 3D walkthrough animation services for styles created by residential, commercial, and industrial developers.


Corporate Video

Walkthrough animation of Milan office interior and factory.

In common language, it is a virtual tour for your project. Whether it is a luxury apartment, complex, a shopping mall, an industrial plant or a parking lot – 3D Walkthrough Architectural takes you on a different perspective of your architecture.



A corporate 3D walkthrough video for Milan based in Mubai, India.

Our 3D Walkthrough animation services include: Interior and Exterior virtual tours for residential and industrial properties Walkthroughs for industrial come together with roadways, bridges, and tunnels Aerial Flyovers for landscapes and parks development Product animations together with inventions, machines, fixtures, and furnishings.


S-energy is a device which will automatically monitor your electronic devices/appliances of your home, apartments, factory etc., and will send the data to cloud app.

TIS works on that to visualize your imagination in 3D like it’s come true. We work for you to help you understand more about your Architecture.

The 3d walkthrough Architectural is a term that means “Step-by-Step making of a procedure or process.” and 3d walkthrough Animation services belong to 3D Architecture of your visualization.


This device will automatically monitor your electronic device/appliances.

TIS team work very hard to make your Architecture to visualize you. Our team is one of the best working team in the town which makes your dream so real even before you see it. We are working day- night towards your project to fulfill all your expectations.


Data Center

3D walkthrough of data center based in AL Dhafra, UAE.

Evaluate business opportunities and building a competitive advantage are also some of the major reasons why 3D Walk-through, 3d interior design are used in Government /other organizations. We also provide a 3D product walk-through which is an excellent tool for someone who is looking to represent their ideas virtually.


DC Vault

Tier III certified data center based in Al Dhafra, UAE.

3D Interior Walk-through is very beneficial for various industries. It helps them in defining the purpose of a project. These 3D Interior Walk-through are also used in structuring the ideas, and to communicate branding and marketing strategies to all the members working on the project and other departments.

Maputo Distribution Project

Maputo Distribution Project - Supply & Construction of Service. 3D walkthrough video for one of our client which includes supply and construction service of materials and shipment from one Mumbai to Maputo via shipment. It also includes movement of cargo from Indian factory to Indian port, routing of cable, switching station, and installation of products.

Whether you have a residential, commercial office, shop, mall, apartment, or township requirement, we provide virtual walkthrough animation for all architectural industries worldwide at a very competitive price.

Maputo Distribution

Supply of construction material from one location to another location.

A well planned and fully equipped 3D Walkthrough animation can create a very creative and different experience for your project, even though it may still be at a primary stage but the viewer can get a feel of and actually visualize what your imagination will physically create in time to come when the project is completed.

Gravity Mattress

We provide highly refined 3D architectural walkthrough animations that meet the needs of various industries.

Using the 3D walkthrough it becomes a lot easier for the presenters to showcase their project idea in a real way. These 3D Product walkthroughs give the exact and extensive detailed feel of the interior and exterior parts of the architectural design including floors, walls, textures, artificial lighting effects, and impact of natural light on the whole model.